Club Awards Received in 2017 


GCI Award #1 Show of Exceptional Merit 

GCI Award #12 Illinois Judges Council Flower Show Schedule 

GCI Award #15. A.1 Table Design Award in a Standard Flower Show,

1st Place – Diane Hogan, Designer 

GCI Award #15B Design Excellence Award for a

Creative Design in a Standard Flower Show,
3rd Place – Lois Ware, Designer 

NGC Award #5C Club Standard Flower Show 

 for A River Runs Through It, a Standard Flower Show. 


GCI Award #27 Gardening Consultants Community Projects 

NGC Award #71 Roadside Award Overall Winner 

for the beautification of downtown Kankakee 


GCI Award #44 Naperville Garden Club Scholarship, 3rd Place 


GCI Award #48 Ann Cass Garden Walk, 2nd Place 


Club Achievement Award – Blue Rosette 


Club Horticulture Award – Gold Seal